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Yakiniku Kosu is a Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant located in Castle Towers that serves a variety of dishes such as Hotpot, BBQ meats, Ramen, Seafood and Bibimbap. The restaurant is very clean, spacious and is a great place for families, dates and catch-up with friends!

meat platter

Kosu Set A – Meats, Sides (Cabbage and Radish) and Complimentary Korean soup 

The set consisted of 3 types of meats (Wagyu, Rib Finger and Scotch Fillet), sides (cabbage and radish), rice and a complimentary Korean Soup.

The meats were all nicely marbled. The wagyu was our favourite cut as always. Very tender all the way through and definitely didn’t have that annoyingly chewy consistency that we’ve experienced in the past. The other cuts were delicious but nothing much to rave about.

The soup consisted of Kimchi, Udon, Zucchini and Broccoli. We are not big fans of Kimchi, but surprisingly it was not as bad as we thought it’ll be. The kimchi was very subtle and did not overpower the soup. It was very refreshing to drink in between eating the fried foods and grilled meats. Udon is my favourite noodle, and this did not disappoint. It was extremely silky yet chewy with a subtle hint of the kimchi flavour.

The cabbage was actually one of the highlights of the dinner. Weird right? It’s just a vegetable? But let me tell you… it was hands down one of the best cabbages I’ve had as a side dish! It was so fresh and sweet with a nice crunch to it. The dressing sauce on the vegetable was also phenomenon – it was not the usual sesame dressing sauce you’ll taste from the bottle. The sauce was extremely creamy with a strong taste of roasted sesame and a hint of vinegar which complemented well with the cabbage.

assorted tempura

Assorted Tempura

The assorted tempura included three prawns and seven vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, sweet potato and green beans). The tempura batter was extremely crispy on the outside and is probably the crispiest tempura we’ve ever had. It remained crispy after being dipped in the tempura sauce, unlike the standard Japanese tempura where it becomes a bit soggy. The prawns and vegetables tasted incredibly fresh which mixed well with the tempera sauce. My personal favourite from the lot is the zucchini tempura – it was extremely juicy and sweet! (I could be bias as zucchini is my favourite vegetable).

chumchurum peach soju

Drinks – Peach Soju

Soju is a must order when you’re at Korean BBQ and of course we had to order a peach flavoured, as this is the inspiration of our food blog name. 


Service –The staff were very extremely friendly and attentive. Additionally, they would explain to you about each dish that is given out to you with a smile – which made us feel very comfortable.

Decor – The bar was decorated beautifully with Japanese sake and drinks. The restaurant was extremely spacious and clean.

Flavour – A very nice mix of flavours all around that made it an enjoyable meal. The sides and freebies they kindly provided also worked as perfect palette cleansers for the meat platters.

Price – A bit on the pricey side but nothing too extreme on any of the dishes.

Wow Factor – We would have to say that the tempura was a standout, considering how crispy it was even after dipped!!

Final verdict 8/10 – Yakiniku Kosu is a nice local Japanese BBQ that we would love to go to again soon, would love to try some of the other meat platters and sides. This is especially considering the lack of BBQ places in the Hills District currently.

yakiniku kosu storefront

Yakiniku Kosu, Castle Hill

CASTLE TOWERS IN PIAZZA, SHOP 20/6 – 14 Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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