Sekka dining – An Izakaya AND Ramen Bar, St Leonards – Sydney

sekka dining ramen and izakaya

Another high quality Izakaya and Ramen bar? Yes please! These are two things that Sydney definitely need more of and Sekka have answered our prayers. Located in an area just off the main road in St Leonards is just where we wanted to spend a cold winters night. This restaurant/bar just began its soft launch only releasing a sneak peek of its full menu and almost certainly we will be back for more soon!


Pork Gyoza ($14)

The pork gyoza was perfectly pan fried and the inside was extremely meaty, juicy and flavourful. The ratio to the meat and vegetables was just right. There is a choice of getting 6 or 18. Next time we will definitely opt for the 18 pieces!

tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Tonkotsu Shoyu ($20)

The tonkotsu ramen had a decent amount of flavour in its broth. Rich enough to indulge in its pork fatty goodness whilst not being too sickening and heavy on the stomach. The broth was definitely on the lighter side compared to many other high quality tonkotsu ramens around Sydney. Personally a stronger broth is our preference but each to their own.

The egg in the ramen was absolutely glorious. Soft boiled and soaked with soy made it complement the ramen almost naturally. We could eat them straight all day!! Until our stomachs start disagreeing with it anyways…

The chashu was on point in it’s taste and soft texture. The tender pork slices almost just melted in our mouths. We were very happy with the quality of the cut and this almost can’t be beaten

shio ramen

Shio Ramen ($18)

The Shio Ramen was cooked with ‘Chintan’ broth, making the soup more light and clear compared to the traditional broths. I personally like a lighter and clearer soup base, however my partner who had the Tonkotsu Shoyu prefers a stronger broth.

The ramen contained pork chashu, nori, leek and umami egg. I have the exact same opinions of the chashu and egg to my partner. It was extremely divine! I loved how the egg was marinated in soy sauce and still soft inside . It is such a simple ramen but made perfectly!

houjicha milk tea cheesecake

Houjicha Milk Tea Cheesecake ($8)

The cheesecake was soft and creamy but had a very subtle houjicha flavour. It was quite fluffy and was not very sweet, which we liked. However, it was an extremely small slice of cake that was not worth the price of $8.

Service – Most of the staff were very attentive and friendly. They were happy to help and always had a smile on their face.

Decor – Sekka Dining had a nice atmosphere with a beautiful decoration of Japanese drinks around their walls and bar area. The interior was very modern but was a bit too dim.

Flavour – the ramen broth was quite subtle and same as the houjicha milk tea cheese cake

Price – On the high-end in terms of prices

Wow Factor – Oddly enough, we loved the gyoza a lot

Final verdict 7.5/10 – All the dishes were nice but ideally would’ve preferred stronger flavours. Price was quite high for what we received. Still enjoyed our meal and will be back to see their full menu

Sekka Dining, St Leonards

Shop 1, St Leonards Square, 472-488 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065

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