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Fire and Brimstone BBQ – Castle Hill, Sydney

If all you think about is meat, meat and more meat, this is the place for you. Fire and Brimstone BBQ is located in Hillside Hotel, Castle Hill and is perfect for anyone needing to exceed their protein intake in a satisfying way

Mixed Meat Platter
Mixed Meat Platter

Mixed Meat Platter – $30

Both the brisket and pork pieces were all tender and had a delectable amount of fattiness which is always a huge plus in our eyes. The portion sizes were huge and we struggled to finish it on our own. On the side, there were french fries, some salad and pickles which were nothing special but a good addition to the meat platter. In short, I loved this platter a lot…and I wish I had a bigger stomach to indulge in more of it.

Brimstone Loaded Fries
Brimstone Loaded Fries

Brimstone Loaded Fries – $20

Both our friends that told us to go here ordered and absolutely loved the hell out of these loaded fries. Both stating it was the best loaded fries they’ve had. That’s enough evidence for how tasty it was for people we know to always get loaded fries. It’s a shame we never got to try it but it’s at the very top of the list if/when we end up here again. I mean look at how good it looks…

Smashed Cheeseburger plus Extra Bacon
Smashed Cheeseburger plus Extra Bacon

Smashed Cheeseburger plus Extra Bacon – $17 + $4

This smashed cheeseburger + bacon was another item we couldn’t try. However our friends said that it was “very tasty and very good value”….nuff said.

Wings Smoked then Fried
Wings Smoked then Fried

Wings Smoked then Fried (Small) – $14

The wings were very simple – no special herbs or flavouring used, and surprisingly it was still very delicious and had a nice smoky taste. I was not a big fan of the wings sauce as I felt like it didn’t complement well together .The wings were good enough by it self that I didn’t need to use sauce anyways 🙂

Tickled Pink Cocktail
Tickled Pink Cocktail

Tickled Pink Cocktail – $17

There are a lot of different types of drinks and cocktails to choose from the bar and the bartender was willing to make any creation from what they had. The Tickled Pink Cocktail contained gin, passoa (passionfruit liquor), watermelon liquor, apple and whites. It was easy to drink and on the sweeter side with a strong watermelon taste. Would definitely come back to try out the other great cocktail creations!


Service – Standard order at the bar/bistro area and they’ll bring the food over.

Decor – Spacious and nicely lit. A very comfortable place to casually chat with friends and family.

Flavour – Heavy on the umami side (as expected). Rich in flavour all across and would recommend to all meat lovers out there.

Price – About $25 per person. For the amount you receive, it was definitely value

Wow Factor – It seems like the WOW was in the Brimstone loaded fries. Regret that we didn’t try it firsthand but only watched how much our friends were raving on about it whilst devouring it.

Final verdict 8/10 – Big, greasy and meaty meals. What else would you want from an American style BBQ? Recommend this place highly if that is what your taste buds crave.

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