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IIKO Mazesoba – Darling Square, Sydney

IIKO Mazesoba

Yummy yummy yummy I got truffle in my tummy and I feel like eating you! Okay enough with the cringe-fest and onto the review. We were glad to experience this truffle-fest at IIKO Mazesoba with fellow food blogger Rowy and her partner Lawrence at the heart of Darling Square. Specialising in Mazesoba which is a word we’ve never heard until now, but it means Mixed noodle in Japanese.

noodle pull zenbu mazesoba

Zenbu Mazesoba – $18

An all rounder mazesoba dish, it has everything you want and is perfect for all that want a bit of everything. Zenbu meaning ‘All’ in Japanese (Thank you to all those times I was actually listening in Japanese class). The textures of the noodles were delicious and the pork belly chashu was charred nicely.

truffle mazesoba

Truffle Mazesoba – $30

This was everyone’s favourite dish, no questions about it. Hands down this blew everything else out of the water. Perfectly infused truffle flavour that tasted just as good as it smelt. It reminded us of an asian take of truffle carbonara as it contained their soy signature sauce, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, onsen egg and mixed sesame seeds.

cheese mazesoba

Cheese Mazesoba – $16.90

You can’t say no to cheese ( well at least we can’t). Pork pieces were delicious, soft and full of flavour. It didn’t mix as well as some of the other Mazesoba’s but definitely would recommend for anyone who needs their dosage of cheese. The taste was quite similar to the Zenbu without the cheese and chilli flakes. A quick advice that you should mix all the ingredients together with the noodles, so the cheese will melt!

truffle congee

Truffle Congee – $20

The truffle congee was a confusing dish to say the least. We we’re all expecting some umami flavoured dish especially since it’s truffle…right? Turns out the dish had a sweet flavouring to it. It was tasty but not in the way we expected it to be. But now we can say we tried a sweet congee…

koshihikari beer and ramune

Koshihikari Rice Beer and Lychee Ramune

The Koshihikari Rice Beer is a nice light lager made from rice grown in the port city of Niigata. Satisfied my beer cravings, but unless you are a beer connoisseur, you’d think it was a nice and subtle flavoured beer.

The Lychee Ramune was sweet, refreshing and fruity. It is always great fun to pop the bottle open with the marble inside.


Service – Happy with the service. The staff at IIKO Mazesoba were accommodating and very welcoming.

Decor – The inside of the restaurant looked quite cramped. Reminded me of a small restaurant in Japan with Japanese advertisements hung on the ceiling. We sat outside and had outdoor heating, so we were happy.

Flavour – Mixed review here, truffle mazesoba was full of flavour that is something to return for. Some dishes had a strong truffle flavour whereas some others you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Price – Quite pricey but what else would you expect from a restaurant overloading on truffle.

Wow Factor – By far the truffle mazesoba!! this is a must get for anyone coming. Another WOW was the truffle congee, mainly because it was a sweet congee. Confusion all around on that dish, but if you have a sweet tooth, perhaps give it a try. Unique and memorable to say the least.

The prawn croquette (forgot to take a picture of it individually) was surprisingly amazing as well! The prawns had a sweet snap and the outer crumb layer was fried to perfection.

Final verdict 7.5/10 – IIKO Mazesoba was hit or miss, some dishes were spectacular and some were strange. Would recommend this place if you stick to a handful of dishes and hopefully this review helps you decide that 🙂

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