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Goobne Chicken – Darling Square, Sydney

Located in Darling Square Sydney, Goobne Chicken opened its first Australian chain in late 2019. Goobne in Korean means oven baked, and this may not sound as appetising as Korean Fried Chicken. However, don’t let this dissuade you, it has the benefits as a healthier alternatives whilst still maintaining all its flavour. The restaurant doesn’t only just sell chicken. You’ll also find other Korean dishes such as fried rice, rice cakes, noodles, egg rolls and soup. Ordering the food was extremely simple, in which you just need your mobile to scan the QR code on the table to access the menu. Payment could also be made through the app or via the counter.

UFO Fondue Chicken – Original & Galbi 

Chicken dipped into cheese? TAKE OUR MONEY

The UFO Fondue Chicken had a mixture of drumsticks and wings, served with a bowl of melted cheesy goodness that was kept hot from a burner. Two flavours for the chicken can be chosen to dip into the cheese fondue. 

Just a warning to not to take too long to eat it. The melty cheese will harden quite fast when sitting on the burner for too long. If you’re a cheese addict like us, don’t feel guilty to just straight up eat the cheese when the chicken is done. You’ll enjoy it but maybe your toilet won’t :p 

Goobne Deep Cheese (Boneless)

Mouth-watering, succulent and cheesy are all words that can describe this dish. The Deep Cheese was the champion out of the dishes we ordered – it was sooo damn delectable that we had to order a second plate. It was coated with a generous amount of addictive cheese powder. The chicken was extremely juicy and was still able to maintain its crispy outer layer. What tricked us was that we thought the chicken looked dry, but the extreme tenderness of the meat deceived us completely. This was on par if not better than most Korean cheesy fried chickens and trust us, that’s what we’ve been eating almost weekly for many years.

Drinks – Corona-rita, Grey Goose Gangnam Style, Lager-ita and Sharknado (From left to right)

The cocktails are unique to say the least. Some of the most photogenic drinks we’ve ever laid eyes on. The taste of the drinks were as good as its presentation.

Sharknado was the first drink that caught our eye with its extravagant blue rubber shark that contains tequila and tropical flavours. When the rubber shark is lifted up, there are raspberry jam syrup drooling out of the mouth (like fake blood…R.I.P Timmy) – which reminds me of the horror movie, Jaws. The drink was quite sweet, where you can’t really taste the alcohol.

Corona-rita contains tequila with a dash of lemon where an upside-down bottle of beer is inserted into the glass. 

Lager-rita also contains tequila with a dash of kiwi that is finished off with an inverted bottle of Heineken beer. 

Grey Goose Gangnam Style may not be as Instagrammable and aesthetic as the other 3 drinks but is still of high quality. The drink contains Grey Goose Vodka and a Mango liqueur topped off with soda, lime and ice. It was extremely smooth and refreshing for an alcoholic beverage


Service – Ordering through QR was quite easy. As long as you can read basic instructions.

Flavour – Super juicy chicken and easily enough cheese for that lactose goodness. 

Price – About $50 per person including an alcoholic drink each

Wow Factor – Meat was super tender and the cheese powder/sauce was spectacular. Exceeded expectations. Also a much healthier option compared to other fried chicken alternatives.

Final Verdict 9/10 – Hard to fault the quality of the foods and drinks. It is a bit on the pricey side but it’s clearly justified. We will definitely be back again. Thanks Goobne for the memorable experience.


Darling Square Shop, 16E Tumbalong Road, Haymarket NSW 2000

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